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Patrick Parents is a former bus operator, scheduler, and the founder of Theology and Transit, an online media platform created to provide spiritual guidance, impart knowledge and clarify God’s call to those tasked to govern and subdue the transportation industry.


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1 Peter 4:10| Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms

How Did I Get Here?

Well, I always loved transit, and I always loved to talk. Those who know me would tell you I probably talk too much.

Anywho I started my journey just blogging about buses on Linkedin. Nothing too crazy, just sharing what was in my head. Then I met Jesus and he changed everything.

My love and enthusiasm for public transit were still high, as was my desire for blogging, and speaking. But there was one minor issue...when I would create content it became a challenge to avoid mentioning God, Jesus, and The Bible. In government spaces,(my target audience) this is considered a massive no-no. But I tried.
Spoiler alert it didn't work.

After failing to avoid mentioning God's word in any of my efforts to communicate, I decided to go all in with my platform and unite my passion for transit with my love for God. In this way, I can use the gifts and industry wisdom The Father has given me without needing to be concerned with being politically correct. What you see is what you get, ya know? You fitting to get a ton of transit and a ton of bible over here. 

When I reflect on my professional career, I could not help but notice I've traveled such a distinct path. It wasn't necessarily good or bad, simply different. I mean, it's just not your typical path for a bus driver, right? I transitioned from being a high school dropout with no career ambitions to becoming a bus driver, then a planner, then an entrepreneur, and today a person who combines transit, storytelling, and Christ to help people transform their lives.

Crazy ain't it?

As a result of my unique journey, I strongly believe that God has entrusted and purposed me with communicating his practical wisdom to our sector while doing my best to build Christ-centered, Bible-based standards in the government transportation space.

My philosophy and beliefs for building or fixing anything are .....

  • Start with the Instruction Manual: The Bible is the most accurate source of life-changing knowledge for every scenario, subject, or problem. Transit is not exempt
  • Have Faith: Refer Back to #1 Because God doesn't lie. He can’t lie and he can’t fail.

  • Love People: Cherish individuals and strive to treat them with respect and dignity since they are created in the image of God.
  • Work Hard: Because we are a reflection of God, we prioritize excellence in the quality and inventiveness of our works.
  • Be Generous: Nothing we do, or have belongs to us. We are simply temporary stewards of what God has entrusted us with.

How I Serve Others

I Talk About Bible and Buses
Corporate/ Private
Prayer (Free)

A big misconception is that God does not desire to be a part of your career.

From the beginning of time, God decreed that work would be an integral element of human life. Why wouldn't he want to be apart of it?


Public & Virtual

How does an agency with a starting wage of $30/hr lack hires and manpower? Lack of buy-in. Words are more than patterns on paper, they are mechanisms that move mountains if executed correctly. Allow me to take your audience on a verbal journey full of emotional highs, lows and story telling.  Request a 3-5 min demo


Policy's make or break company spirit. It's that simple. Unfortunately a lot of polices are tone deaf and discouraging. Let me review your operational polices, reword and repackage them through content and other channels to encourage and inspire your workforce.


Most transit content is generic, boring and political. It becomes a forgettable notepad for most operators.

Let me transform your messaging into informative, engaging, educational, and entertaining presentations or videos that don't feel like they came out of the stock transit content: vanilla factory.


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