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How did I end up talking about buses and bibles?

March 8, 2023

How did I get here?

Well, I always loved transit, and I always loved to talk. My wife will tell you, I can ramble about anything for hours and not think twice about it.

Anywho I started this journey just blogging about buses on this very platform. Nothing too crazy, just sharing what was in my head. Then I met Jesus and he changed everything. I would go on to have this radical life transformation that would change every fiber of my being.

God shifted my heart, to a point where I only wanted to use my talents to build His Kingdom.

I still had a strong passion for public transportation, as well as for blogging and public speaking. However, all of my content was and would be founded on the concepts, philosophy, biblical truths, and to some extent, laws of God. This is probably okay in most situations, but it can be intimidating when your target audience is a government that adheres to a separate church-and-state mindset,

But I tried. Long story short didn’t work.

After tip-toeing around what I really wanted to say, I decided to go all in with my platform and unite my passion for transit with God’s truth. In this way, I can use the gifts and industry wisdom The Father has given me, without worrying about being politically correct.

What you see is what you get, ya know?

When I reflect on my professional career, and all the different places God has allowed me to go, I cannot help but feel this was his purpose for me. Especially considering before any of this transit stuff started I was just a regular guy with a GED and no direction.

Crazy ain’t it?

As a result of my unique journey, I strongly believe that God has entrusted and purposed me with communicating his practical wisdom to our sector while doing my best to build Christ-centered, Bible-based standards in the government transportation space.

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